Technical assistance

We want to clear the main technical questions that may arise about the operation of our products and the steps necessary for their assembly.

Last questions:

The tabletop must be larger than the structure, therefore it will depend on the chosen width. For the minimum length of 112 cm, the tabletop should measure 120 cm, and for the 152 cm one, it should be at least 160 cm. The minimum width is 60 cm.

No, the tabletop is not included, so you can combine it with the rest of the furniture. The components of the table are: 1 electric desktop structure with motor, 1 adapter, 1 up and down switch, instructions for use and mounting screws.

Here we will show you how to assemble a Vertex/Concept drawer with the Tecnotool machine, you will see that it is very simple and fast. Thanks to its measurement positioner and its easy handling you will see that it will be very convenient for you.

Here we will show you how to assemble a Vertex/Concept drawer with the Tecnotool-Pro machine; you will see that it is very simple and very fast thanks to its automatic side stapling system. You will be able to assemble large series of drawers.

The formula is: internal module width -70. For this particular case, the internal width of the module will be 800 - 32 = 768 mm. From this measurement we subtract 70 to get the length to cut the profiles = 666 mm.

Yes, as long as you have a 13 mm wide square railing , or a straight rib with a minimum internal height of 135 mm and width of 13 mm. If I have a 800 mm wide module, and a 16 mm thick side panel.

This container or dustbin needs a 270 mm free space inside the kitchen module or unit.

The following video shows how you can easily install the Hercules mirror with built-ib lighting.

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