Our 5 Values, those that define and represent us



Commitment to the environment

Emuca accepts the responsibility of organising and financing the management of waste from electrical and electronic devices and batteries and accumulators made available to the Spanish market, ensuring an adequate environmental treatment in compliance with current regulations, and collaborating in raising awareness and sharing information with our clients about the importance of selective management of this waste.

Emuca’s commitment to the environment is based on reducing the environmental impact of its activities, maintaining a preventive approach that helps the environment and reduces the company´s overall carbon footprint.

  • We apply a policy of continuous improvement in meeting the applicable laws and regulations, preventing any contamination of our surroundings at all of the Group’s facilities.
  • We are constantly monitoring the environmental impact associated with existing processes and/or products.
  • We ensure that our transport and packaging suppliers have implemented internal environmental management systems or have plans of action designed to reduce environmental impact.
  • We promote the use of eco-packaging on all of our products to ensure that the products used in the packages are designed to use the minimum possible amount of material, to be as small and light as possible and to be 100% recyclable.
  • Our facilities have cleaning, maintenance and separate waste collection services for cardboard, timber, iron, aluminium, toner cartridges, etc., through approved external service providers.
  • We renew our fleet of company vehicles to ensure they are in optimum condition and working order, using the appropriate amount of petrol and thus reducing emissions.

Social responsability

One of Emuca´s guiding principles is the defence of its integrity and reputation, based on compliance with legal and regulatory regulations and the ethical standards that apply to the markets that it operates in.

Putting this commitment into practice requires the implementation of a strong corporate culture at every level of the organisation, as well as the establishment and constant updating of an entire series of policies, procedures, codes of conduct and internal controls that are outlined in the code of conduct.


Emuca Family-responsible Employer

Emuca understands that for our employees to be productive, they need to be able to reconcile their professional life with their personal circumstances. This reconciliation increases team satisfaction, involvement and commitment while promoting equality and enhancing well-being and the quality of our employees’ free time.

Since 2007, the Emuca Group has held the prestigious EFR (Family-Responsible Employer) certification which is awarded by the +familia Foundation in recognition of the company’s efforts in this area.

Our company also collaborates frequently with several non-profit organisations and occupational centres to help people with difficulties in entering the workforce.

The Emuca Group has a Manual of Social Benefits which includes over 20 measures designed to provide enjoyment and well-being for the people who work in our organisation.

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