The best-selling handle models in 2022

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This year is emerging as a period of creativity and connection with the ecological. This vision will outline what will be most sought after and sold in interior decoration, and handle models are no exception.  Make a good choice, acquiring the best elaborate handles, that meet your needs and create a current atmosphere in each space in which they are found.  The intention is that, while you decide how best to incorporate this useful detail into your furniture and cabinets, you should also learn about these suggestions and styles that Emuca offers you. 

Handle models: what you should not miss 

A good cabinet handle must meet the requirements of quality, durability and beauty. In addition, it must be ergonomic and perform the task of giving you a reliable grip. Knowing what each of these elements are about, you can get closer to the best choice. 

The quality and durability 

These are characteristics that you handle more in your day to day. They define everything around you. In this case, they indicate the time that the pieces will be in good condition fulfilling their function. Thus, keep in mind the manufacturing materials and the installation method. 


It refers to the design of objects so that, in addition to fulfilling the mission for which they were produced, they adapt to human interaction safely and provide comfort. An ergonomic handle should offer enough space for your hand to fit without tripping and you can grab it without hurting yourself with it. 

The beauty 

It is another of the characteristics that you know: there is nothing like a good design. Take this attribute into account in the handles: it will help you enhance and highlight the qualities of your furniture.  Considering these characteristics, it is quite likely that you will make a good choice. Despite this, there are countless handle models on the market that can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable in the field. Let’s see what types of handles are trending in 2022 in the market. 
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Handle models according to manufacturing materials 

As a first classification, you can catalog the handles based on the material with which they were made. Currently, innovation in this area has been quite prolific and successful. Therefore, you can get the following components: 
  • Steel with smooth finishes, easy to maintain and highly durable. 
  • Firm but light aluminum that gives an avant-garde touch to the furniture. 
  • Zamack, which is an alloy of zinc with aluminium, magnesium and copper, which has great hardness and good resistance to the force imposed on the handles. 
  • Plastics such as PVC resistant to constant use, with beautiful colors and shapes. 

Most used styles in handles 

When it comes to the shapes, designs and colors of the handles, you will have many options to choose from. Among them, we can point out: 
  • Modern handles: all those in which simplicity predominates in its contours. These tend not to be visible, they are made mostly of aluminum and steel, predominantly metallic colors and black. 
  • Vintage handles: they evoke styles of distinction and elegance from other times. In ocher colors and aged finish with curved details. Profiles in cabinet doors: these, in addition to functioning as couplers or protectors in the corners and joints of the cabinets, have the characteristic of being able to be used as handles. In other words, they fulfill a double function. 
  • Knobs: although it is not a style in itself, knobs are a type of handle that, due to its spherical, rounded or cubic shape, can easily be adapted to any design pattern. In the kitchen it is recommended to place them on the cabinet doors. 

Most requested handle models in 2022: why they will be a trend 

In the style classification, vintage will be one of the best-selling handle models this year. Characterized by their elaboration in colors and shapes that recall past times of distinction.  Many of them are classic straight lines, others have small curved and soft details that are compared to the handles used in the 50’s.  As for the trend in interior decoration, by 2022 the incorporation of details of nature in furniture, decoration objects, wall coverings, among others, will have a strong presence.  Natural fibers, wood, as well as ocher, earth, green and lilac colors will be the most used. In this way, the vintage style brings a good combination with this trend. 

In conclusion: about trendy handles in 2022 

There are countless handle models, but if you want to make your spaces stand out this year, follow these recommendations, your needs and what you like.  Emuca has a wide range of vintage handles that, in addition to being made with proven quality materials, meet what will be most in demand. Both vintage knobs and handles will give that nostalgic but avant-garde touch that will be a trend this 2022. 

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