Furniture trends for 2022: discover what’s hot this year

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Furniture trends in 2022 are heavily influenced by a lifestyle that entrenched the pandemic, where functional and open spaces set the trends. But beyond that, this year brings fresh new shapes with a more refined perspective on old trends. It is important to note that furniture is a fundamental part of a decoration of a home, as it can generate a 360-degree turn just with a few modifications. Therefore, you will surely be as fascinated as we are by the results proposed by the new trends that we will discuss below.
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Furniture trends 2022: natural and neutral tones

Since the end of last year, it has become a trend to use neutral colors or with a natural look in furniture and home elements that invite relaxation and a calm atmosphere. This trend is generated precisely because of the increased number of hours we spend at home after the pandemic. Since bright or very bright colors can overstimulate, we avoid generating discomfort by spending a lot of time in those spaces. Beige, black, white, gray and natural tones lacking a strong brightness are the ones that fall into this more relaxing style.

Multi-function furniture

When a piece of furniture has an excellent design, both functional and aesthetic, it changes our life, making it simpler and more comfortable on a daily basis. This has a lot to do with this trend of furniture with multiple functions. The versatility of this furniture is based on the fact that you can place them in different formats and they suit perfectly and hassle-free. In addition, they allow for greater combinations or space changes in a simple way. This is an aspect to which designers have paid attention, offering furniture that can be organized from various perspectives and fit in different areas of the house. Another element that is considered is the durability of the furniture with respect to changing trends, so versatile furniture allows to adapt to changes in a better way, which is very special in spaces that are constantly transforming.

Wood as a core

A material as noble as wood always becomes a classic in furniture, which is why in 2022 it continues to be a strong element in furniture trends. One aspect that is being combined is nature and technology. Therefore, the relationship between sophisticated appliances and rustic woods are trending again this year. In addition, wood has advantages such as home-like warmth, unique details and splendid finishes.

Furniture trends 2022: we are still Vintage

Vintage has been around for a long time and will continue to be a trend in furniture in 2022. However, it is evolving and becoming more sophisticated, with the integration of antique elements, but with modern finishes of excellent quality. It is worth noting that this trend is moving towards a style that highlights more naturalness with leaf and flower prints on furniture, along with carpets and other elements that are in tune with nature.

The open kitchen and space-generating furniture

In decoration in general, the trend of open kitchens continues to triumph, and this affects the styles of kitchen furniture. It means that the trend in furniture are those that unite the kitchen and living room space, without loss of functionality or aesthetic disarrangement. That’s why folding tables, both dining tables and worktops, are trending in 2022.

Rounded elements

Although furniture with edges and square frames attract attention because of their elegance, the truth is that nowadays the trend is furniture with rounded shapes, as they convey more warmth. This softness transmitted by furniture without corners, sofas, poufs and other elements, appeals to spend comfortable time in these spaces. Remembering that, nowadays, people spend more time at home, it is logical that this trend takes place.
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Workspace furniture

Continuing with the elements that confinement left us, in 2022 it is very important to create and integrate workspaces in the different areas of the home. For a comfortable and suitable environment, a comfortable and specialized table is needed, along with good lighting. It is not always convenient to work at the dining table, so a desk type or folding table can be very convenient without taking up space or obstructing in common areas. In addition, in the case of lighting it is relevant to determine well-lit areas so that work is not harmful to health. This trend is very interesting because of the way it combines, for example, kitchen furniture with a small work area for a laptop.


At Emuca we develop furniture that is trending in 2022. We strive to offer the best to our customers in their homes. Please visit our catalog and discover the wide variety of products we offer to make your life more comfortable and fulfilling.

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