The sliding system for your home

Sistema Correderos

Slide your doors with the following rail systems that we are going to show you.

Choose your sliding system for

your wardrobe

dressing room



… nooks

… your small spaces

Space + Clip

Don’t miss the opportunity to try out our improvement in the Space + sliding system, now we make installation simpler, more comfortable, easier and faster.

The improvement consists of a redesign of the upper and lower rails as well as the addition of a set of fixing clips for the rails. The new rails are equipped with tabs that are attached to installation clips, making them easier to assemble and disassemble. In addition, this clip system covers the mechanisms of the holes inside the cabinet, you only have prepare them in advance in order to attach them. If you wish, you can use screws instead of the set of Clips.

Bear in mind that the Space + system is perfect for large wardrobes with doors weighing up to 85 kg. You can install it with brakes or with Slowmove soft close.

your wardrobe

sistemas correderos armarios


Make the most of the space in your home with the Twofold sliding door system, which is widely used in small spaces where you cannot install wardrobes with hinged doors.

This system is notable for its very smooth sliding, its load capacity of 50 kg per door (25 kg per leaf) and the versatility of its assembly, as it can be installed in different ways depending on the area of use and the type of wardrobe you want to install.

The Twofold system consists of a set of upper and lower tracks, a central hinge and an upper rail. The upper track is designed with two hinges and six wheels which allow the doors to slide and fold smoothly. In addition, you can mount the door so it opens to the right or to the left, as you wish.

your small spaces

Sistemas correderos Twofold

your wardrobe

New systems for hanging doors, Barn and Railway Retrac, ideal for separating ambients in your rooms.


System for sliding doors that can be hung from wood, allowing you to create both a rustic and modern atmosphere with an elegant style.

The system is composed of a 2 metre upper rail, two single-door tracks, anti-derailment accessories and the installation and fixing screws.

It is a system for wooden doors with door thicknesses of 30 to 45 mm. The maximum load allowed is 80 kg, although the maximum door weight depends on the installation wall (plasterboard, brick, concrete).

This system stands out for its smooth sliding and is made of steel with a black painted finish.

We supply the Barn sliding system in a single pack with everything necessary for assembly.

your nooks

Sistemas correderos Barn

your pantry

Railway Retrac​

We incorporated a new version of the Railway system called Railway Retrac to facilitate installation where there are false ceilings.

From this system we would like to highlight the height adjustment of the door of ±3, which is hidden thanks to a simple machining that is carried out on the door to hide it and therefore reduces the distance from the door to the rail, leaving less clearance. Minimum separation between door and ceiling. This system is suitable for wooden doors with a thickness of more than 35 mm.

We have added two versions, one with a bidirectional soft close of 40/80 Kg, which acts in the opening as in the closing, and another version with a brake. You can also choose the new flush profile for installation which is incorporated for 2 and 3.9 metres.

your nooks

your passage

sistemas correderos Railway retrac

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