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Latest questions:

Our LED converters do not have the necessary characteristics to work together with dimmers in the primary voltage (110 ~ 240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz).

However, we do have devices that can regulate the intensity (dimmer) in the secondary voltage (12V-24V DC). These can be:

The following video shows how you can easily assemble the Sling wardrobe lifts.

The following video shows how you can easily install a Holdy hanger.

The following video shows how you can easily install the aforementioned LED lighting.

You can mount a handle using the Folding Concepta 25 system always on the door on the other side to the installation.

Also, the handle needs to have a centred position in terms of height and be close to the folding area.

Example of a mounting system on the left with a handle.

Where can I mount a handle on a door with the Folding Concepta 25 system?

No, with this system it is very important to respect the maximum and minimum door measurements, as well as the relationship between the breadth, height and weight of it. To do so, you need to consult the following table:

TH = Door height; TB = Door breadth; Result = Maximum door weight for the indicated dimensions.

Example: Door dimensions 2000 x 850 (THxTB) so Maximum door weight = 23 kg, although the system is for a max 30kg/door.

Can I mount the Concepta 30 system on a door with dimensions outside of the established range, but with a weight of less than 30 kg?

The Point switch dual sensor is a change-over sensor switch which has two detectors in order to turn the light on and off from different points, for example on bed heads or wardrobes with independent modules.