Wardrobes with sliding doors: why it is a trend in 2022

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According to the statistics of recent years, every day the buildings are smaller, which brings with it the need to save space and optimize every centimeter used. Wardrobes with sliding doors is trendy in 2022, becoming an essential element in modern homes, so they cannot be missing in your home. Why? At Emuca we tell you, keep reading! 

Trends in interior decoration for 2022 

Since the pandemic that started two years ago and the quarantine that followed, many people have realized that a comfortable home is a priority. A space where you can be and stay for as long as necessary without feeling locked up.  One of the trends that remains strong in 2022 is minimalism. That is, furniture made of natural materials and with fluid shapes in warm colours.  Thus, neutral colors prevail with touches of wood in certain spaces. As for forms, we are experiencing the rise of the continuous, so the joints are in decline. The focus is warmth, simplicity and purity.  All this indicates that wardrobes with sliding doors cannot be overlooked in 2022. Since they provide fluidity, they allow better use of space and continuity in decoration. 
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Advantages of sliding doors for wardrobes 

We have already discussed why wardrobes with sliding doors must be present in the decoration and remodeling of homes this year. However, beyond being decorative elements they are very useful, these are some of their advantages:  Emuca’s wardrobe designs with sliding doors make it easy to see everything inside. 
  • They come in different models and styles, so you will surely find the one that best suits your needs. 
  • Make better use of the space by not having to leave the necessary centimeters for a hinged door, ideal for small rooms. 
  • They optimize storage, since each closet space can be easily accessed thanks to the sliding doors. 

Which wardrobe with sliding doors suits you best? 

If you think there is only one way to install sliding doors in wardrobes… nothing could be further from the truth!  Being such a trendy decorative object, manufacturers have come up with different ways of placing them. Here we show you some of them: 
puertas correderas emuca

Recessed wardrobe with sliding door 

If what you are looking for is a minimalist style that takes advantage of 100% of the space, it is your ideal option. The method of opening this door is very interesting, since when you slide it to one side it hides inside the wall.  One of its greatest advantages is that you can take advantage of the space on one side of the closet because the door does not cause any inconvenience.  However, it has a minor disadvantage, and that is that, to install it, it is necessary to do work on the wall. If pipes or radiators pass through that wall, its placement will be even more complicated. 

Wardrobe with sliding doors with hidden guides 

Once again, a model of wardrobes with sliding doors perfect for those who want a minimalist decoration and that no space clashes with another.  These types of sliding doors have guides embedded in the wall, so they are invisible to the naked eye. Its installation is much simpler and faster. It doesn’t save as much space as in-wall sliding doors, but it’s still a wise choice. 

Wardrobe with sliding doors with exposed guides 

If you are a slightly more outgoing person and you want to show it in your home decoration, you can install the sliding doors of your closet with the exposed tracks.  Don’t worry about the design, usually the ones that come in this modality look incredible. After all, they end up being decorative elements. 

Where to place a wardrobe with sliding doors? 

Surely you are already thinking about where in your house a wardrobe with a sliding door would go better or how it is the best way to take advantage of them.  Don’t worry, here are some ideas so you don’t let go of this 2022 trend: 

A lattice design sliding door to separate the bedroom from the dressing room 

In addition to being a utilitarian object whose main function is to separate two environments and keep clothes ventilated, having a striking design can also serve as a decorative focal point in the room if you add a color that stands out. 

The bedroom is not the only place where wardrobes with sliding doors can go 

The hall is usually a corridor with very little space where we normally leave the clothes to go out, such as shoes, a bag and or a jacket. Have a closet with smooth sliding doors that blend in with the wall in this space to store all these objects and maintain order. It will make your house level up. 

In summary 

Now that you know why wardrobes with sliding doors are in trend this year, you can’t miss out on visiting the Emuca catalog and choosing the one that goes best with the decoration of your home. 

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