Solutions for your rooms: what can Emuca bring to your home?

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Rooms have to be spaces that give off the feeling of comfort that should characterize a home. This requires solutions for your rooms that can provide you with solutions to typical day-to-day issues. Order is perhaps one of the key aspects to achieve comfort in a home. That is why Emuca is the best company to offer you a wide range of tools to solve this and other problems that may be diminishing the quality of your spaces. We will show you here how Emuca, through our products, can provide organizational and decorative solutions and even improve the functioning of the different spaces in your home, room by room.
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Solutions for your rooms: the kitchen, the busiest space

The kitchen is always a space with a lot of daily activity, objects are regularly moved, things get dirty, food and dishes are taken out and put away again. All this dynamism without an optimized space becomes chaos, so the kitchen more than other spaces needs many solutions for your rooms that make them functional.

Drawers for all tastes

If there is something that characterizes a kitchen are drawers and storage spaces, and for this Emuca can offer you an impressive variety of drawers for different spaces. With very interesting features such as soft closing guides, push opening, durable materials, not to mention the accessories that can be added to better distribute the space.

Folding or removable tables

When you have little space or want to optimize it as much as possible, folding tables can be very useful. These consist of a mechanism that allows you to hide a table under a countertop or drawer, thus offering greater opportunities to make the most of the space in the kitchen. We offer you guides designed to support weight and avoid unintentional closing, in addition to being very resistant materials that guarantee a prolonged use without problems.

Accessories to improve order

When the organization of bottles and glasses is a problem, you can use the right specialized accessories to place these elements in the best way in your kitchen, taking care that they do not break and also taking advantage of the overhead space in the drawers. Tableware, cutlery, pots and pans and their lids also have accessories that allow a better distribution of them in spaces such as drawers or pantries. This gives you two advantages, finding them easily and optimizing the space to place more objects.

Where to place the garbage can?

The garbage can may become the worst problem in a kitchen, for this we devised very convenient solutions. When you want to hide it, you can choose models to be installed on a cabinet door to keep the garbage can hidden. If that is not your drawback and you are more attracted to outdoor garbage cans we offer from bins with one compartment to bins with multiple divisions to make recycling possible and more convenient. Is touching the trash can to dispose of waste a problem? The solution is already found with a bin with an automatic opening mechanism with motion sensor. At Emuca, few little things escape us!

Living room and bedrooms: maintaining cleanliness and order

The living room is a space that decoratively should be kept as uncluttered as possible and better illuminated. Likewise, the bedroom should enjoy these characteristics because it is a sanctuary for rest.

Clearing and arranging with shelves

Shelves are excellent furniture to keep order of the objects in your living room, while they are a decorative solution and often even function as a dividing panel. In our catalog you can find different styles, some to be fixed on walls and others intended as independent furniture. On the other hand, there are also modular shelves so that you can establish the customized construction you need.


Sunlight is a fundamental aspect within the spaces of your home, but getting a good lighting system is also essential. To do so, Emuca presents as a solution multiple models of LED luminaires, given its durability and low energy consumption. However, if you are interested in placing your own lighting system, we also have several models of LED strips for your spaces.
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Bathrooms, comfort to relax

Bathrooms should provide areas of relaxation and comfort. To achieve this, Emuca offers drawers and accessories to organize objects such as towels and personal hygiene products, among others. In addition, there are also mirrors with lighting and extendable slides, allowing to optimize spaces and offer the maximum range of customization possible.

Your home and Emuca

We know how important it is for a home to have all the elements mentioned above, achieving a balance offers comfort and a home-like warmth that encourages the appropriation of spaces and their use. That is why at Emuca we seek to achieve this through solutions with our products and our knowledge.

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