Mirrors and accessories for bathrooms with LED illumination

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Our bathroom lighting goes beyond the mere fact of illuminating a room at home to do our activities and walk around in the absence of natural light.

Lighting with the right intensity, direction and tone, generated by aesthetically pleasant elements and that don’t clash with the rest of the room, is key to obtaining an optimal design, which is cosy, practical, and safe in addition.

LED lighting more than meet these objectives with a great added value: it entails substantial energy savings. At Emuca, we want to let you know how lighting is a key aspect for your projects.


Improve visibility at your bathroom with LED illumination.

The ideal lighting for our bathroom necessarily needs a sufficiently strong light since when we apply make-up or shave, we need to see with the highest accuracy and then combine it with a softer and warmer lighting for those moments in which we want to generate a relaxing, comfortable and intimate space.


Mirrors with LED, the best alternative to illuminate our bathroom.

Mirrors with integrated LED lighting provide the features and requirements needed to obtain a perfect lighting for the bathroom, with such diverse and potent advantages as:


  • Being a frontal source of light, integrated lights in mirrors do not generate shadows, which offers comfort, safety and enough light to clean ourselves, remove make-up or shave.
  • They provide a homogeneous, with the needed strength, white light.
  • They help to generate a discrete and warm
  • Integrated led lights in mirrors have great versatility. You can incorporate remote control switching systems to turn them on and off and control light intensity.
  • The generated light adapts to all the things we usually do in the bathroom, weather it is general personal hygiene or things that need more precision like making-up, shaving, or removing contact lens.
  • And, of course, this type of lights stands out for its low energy consumption, achieving up to an 80% savings compared to traditional light bulbs, in addition to being more durable.
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LED fittings and wall lamps that you can incorporate in your projects.

For the bathroom general lightning to be ideal, complete and safe, it is important to take into account that having lights on mirror’s only is not enough. They have to be supplemented by more light sources placed on the ceiling and on the walls, which ideally should also be LED. This way, we’ll obtain the necessary light in all the room with the adequate intensity and tone for each moment and situation. And all of this with a very low energy consumption.


There are a series of elements that, installed in the right locations and choosing the models that better fit the room in terms of size, style and design, are going to  lead us to achieve the best possible lighting for our bathroom, as well as an outstanding decoration.


These are some of the most used LED lighting models due to their high functionality and design benefits.


  • Fittings. Ideal for installing, in an easy and practical way, LED panels in the ceiling. The wide range of models ensures the perfect combination for almost any type of bathroom.
  • Wall lamps. Perfect to install LED lights anywhere we want, for example: in walls, in a corner or on the sides of the mirror in order to provide the best illumination, oriented towards just where we want, eliminating or reducing shadows.
  • LED strips. Another alternative is placing LED strips, that can even be self-adhesive, saving us the trouble of having to make holes in the wardrobe sides or even inside them.


We invite you to visit our website and discover our wide catalogue for the home or the office. Our proposals on lightning, wardrobes, furniture, handles and a long list of other options will surprise you due to their high functionality, freshness, practical spirit and magnificent design.

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