Lighting and LED strips: how to achieve avant-garde spaces

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Lighting is a characteristic that defines the spaces where we live and the activities that we are going to carry out in them. An innovative alternative that sets the trend in luminaires in these times is lighting with LED strips.  These strips with small bulbs capable of giving you a light with a lot of power or dim, depending on what you need. You will have the option of graduating them and changing their color with a remote control or with an application on your mobile phone.  Another great benefit? It improves the quality of light in any environment and you can use it indirectly, integrated into the ceiling or as direct light to give prominence to a space. Learn more about how you can change your home with this type of lights and adapt the proposals that Emuca offers you in LED lights. 

Lighting with LED strips: state-of-the-art lighting 

You already know some things that you are going to achieve with these lights. But, do you know where to install them to create those avant-garde environments that you have observed without making major changes?  To better answer all your questions regarding how to obtain the greatest potential from LED strip lighting, we will present you with some installation proposals using the innovative products that Emuca brings and that you must purchase to achieve your goals. 
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Lighting in kitchen cabinets and furniture 

If you want to recreate an elegant atmosphere in your kitchen, you can achieve it by placing attached strips of LED lights under tall cabinets. Thanks to this, in addition to generating spaces with distinction, you will obtain light power directly in the work area, without dazzling you or leaving areas in the dark.  For this, Emuca offers its line of “Lynx” and “Neonlynx” connectable LED strips, each one with specific characteristics for each purpose, which you will find in our online catalog in more detail. 

Inside cabinets and on shelves 

Shelves can be located in high areas or away from light sources, so an LED strip would be the difference between having to move the shelf or the closest lamp to simply installing the light strip and in addition to lighting giving a modern touch to the piece of furniture.  In the same way it happens with the cabinets, adding that in the internal areas of the same they are left in the dark, especially at times of the day when darkness predominates.  Place the LED strips inside these cabinets and you will gain vision for the light it provides, you will save more space due to the small dimensions of these strips and their simple installation will save you time. 

False ceiling lighting 

It is very common to place LED lights in false ceilings to give living rooms a bright and discreet atmosphere.  With this type of detail it is intended to frame architectural elements in order to highlight them and give them greater presence. At the same time they are used in this way so that the light reaches all the most hidden places, but without being overwhelming. 

In the elements of the bathrooms and showers 

Technological advancements have allowed LED lights to become smaller and water resistant. Therefore, include the LED strip in your decoration and bathroom lighting set. This lighting will give you a refined and safe light, in addition to helping visual comfort and improving vision, especially at night. 

In outdoor areas 

Thanks to its water resistance, you can use these types of lights outside your home with complete assurance that they will work perfectly despite being outdoors.  With the LED strips you will achieve outdoor spaces with almost imperceptible avant-garde touches such as in the entrance area of ​​your house, in the garden, in the pool or patio area, in the corridors around your home or on paths. Your imagination sets the limit!  They are also totally ideal to achieve the presence lighting that these outdoor spaces require. LED lights have high energy efficiency, in this way they manage to be on for long periods without posing a danger and without consuming too much electricity. 
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In conclusion

LED strips are an element that can give your spaces that elegance you are looking for. The versatility of these high-quality products made by us, allow you to design well-lit spaces or with soft lights to create more intimate environments, with details in RGB or monochrome colors.  An advantage is in the controllers that you can buy separately and that will assist you in setting up the lighting, all controlled from a remote or from an app for your smartphone.  Do not hesitate, if you want to win in lighting, with low consumption and using the latest technology, acquire Emuca. Create spaces to enjoy life with lighting with LED strips. 

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