LED strips: illuminating your home to give it an amazing appearance

Christmas is here, time to decorate the house to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy family time. LED strip lights are excellent for this purpose, as they are highly customizable, highly versatile and very easy to install.  Depending on how you arrange the LED strip lights you can achieve a more beautiful, elegant, modern or professional atmosphere in your home. From Emuca we leave you some ideas to make your home look spectacular, not only at this time of the year but all year round. Let’s get started! 

Ideas for decorating your home with LED strip lights

If you want to give your home a new look, a few simple changes can completely transform it, making it a more pleasant and welcoming space for you and your family.  For these cases, lighting can be a great ally, especially LED strip lights, from the common ones in white light, to the most daring in RGB colors, can help you renew both the interior and exterior of your home.  Here are some ideas to inspire you and give an amazing look to your rooms with LED strip lights. 
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LED strips on ceiling cornice

If you are looking to highlight the architecture of your home and provide natural light, placing LED strip lights on the ceiling cornice is an excellent option. In this way, you can achieve things like: 
  • Giving prominence to ornamental ceiling details. 
  • Using it as a night light to create a cozy atmosphere. 
  • Having a subtle light with a modern look. 
  • Lighting up the top of the cabinets. 

Placing led strip lights on stairs

You can put strip lights in therailing and on the steps.This, in addition to giving a modern touch to the staircase, can be used to go up or down during the night and avoid turning on very bright lights. 

Mirrors with LED strips

We all like to have excellent lighting when we look in the mirror, whether you’re putting on makeup, taking a picture or just taking a last look before going out.  LED strip lights are ideal for these cases due to their easy installation and low maintenance, they will last a long time before needing to be replaced. 

LED strip lights under your furniture

Yes, the idea of putting lighting under your furniture may sound a bit strange, but we invite you to give it a try as it brings benefits such as making a space visually look bigger than it is.  If you use them, for example, under the bed, you will be able to illuminate the floor enough to walk on during the night. In addition, it serves as a light for children to sleep better. On the other hand, if you place LED strip lights behind the headboard of the bed, you will achieve a more intimate atmosphere. 

LED strip lights on the shelf 

LED light strips on the shelf are perfect to highlight the objects on top of it, for example books or a work of art.  On the other hand, they are the best solution for dark closets or very deep pantries where not everything that is within range is clearly visible. For the latter, there are LED light strips that are motion-activated, an ingenious way to add brightness to some spaces. 

Advantages of using LED strip lights in your home

In addition to being extremely versatile and easy to install, lighting your home with LEDs has many advantages that we will explain below: 
  • Energy saving, as they work much more efficiently. 
  • Since they have a low energy consumption, they last longer than traditional bulbs, about 18 thousand hours more, to be specific. 
  • This brings as a consequence an evident economic saving in the electricity bill, up to 80% each month. 
  • They are designed to dissipate heat, so they do not overheat. 
  • They turn on immediately and emit a bright, crisp light. 
  • You don’t have to be an electrical expert to install them. 
  • With some models, you can control the light intensity with a dimmer. 
  • They are dust and water resistant. 
  • You can give LED strip lights other uses. 
Another way to use LED strip lights is by placing them behind screens such as computer monitors or televisions. This will help reduce eyestrain and compensate for the brightness they emit.  If you would like to give a modern touch to your living room (or any space with paintings and artwork) you can use LED lights behind them, giving them more prominence and a museum-like appearance. As this type of lights do not emit heat, they will not damage your paintings at all.  Finally, you can try using them to illuminate the garden or the inside of a swimming pool, you will not regret it.  At Emuca  we have led strip lights of the best quality and everything you need to install them. If you want to implement them in your home, don’t wait any longer and visit our digital catalog. 

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