Folding doors: do you know these incredible advantages?

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We all love convenience, design and comfort. Folding doors are an example of this, since they are an excellent option for small spaces, which has led to an increase in sales in recent years.  There are many advantages of this type of doors. Are you planning to change the ones in your house? Don’t know how to find the best? At Emuca we will explain everything you need to know to get it right when buying folding doors. 

What is a folding door? 

It is a door that is segmented into several parts and works by means of a rail, which allows easy mobility and displacement.  Thus, when opened, all the panels are stretched, giving the image of a kind of sliding door, or a hinged door. When closed, they are placed together one next to the other, simulating a kind of accordion, these being the most common.  However, there are other types of folding doors, such as those that contain only two panels, each opening to the rear. 
puerta plegable emuca
Utility and benefits of folding doors in your home  Folding doors offer a large number of advantages and benefits, especially in small homes. Among which we can highlight are: 
  • It is useful to separate spaces inside your house as you prefer. For example: you could use it to separate your children’s room from the playroom, or perhaps the kitchen and dining room from the living room. 
  • Its way of folding allows people to access the interior to the exterior with peace of mind, since when closed they take up very little space. Because they are attached to a rail, they are very, very safe, since they will not come out of place. 
  • As their sheets are one on top of the other, they make their utility space much wider. This is another important benefit if you live in small spaces. 
  • It is very easy to clean, it does not need more maintenance than usual. 
  • Its installation is very simple: you do not need to be a construction expert or someone with experience. 

Where to install a folding door?

Folding doors are versatile, there are currently a variety of designs and styles. There are from the most basic materials such as PVC or wood, to metal and glass, or even combined.  These are some ideas of the places where a folding door can give the point that your home needs: 
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On the way out 

A folding door with glass panels will give a light and airy look to the home, giving a feeling of open space.  In addition, it will allow you to have a complete view of what is happening outside, ideal for keeping an eye on the children while you are inside the house. 

To separate environments 

Open concept homes are very common today, as they give the feeling of a home with much more space. However, this is not always a success. For example, cooking odors permeate the entire house, which can be annoying.  A folding door is the perfect option as it allows you to keep the space open, with the possibility of closing it and separating the spaces whenever you need. For example, separating the dining room and kitchen from the living room. 

For the bathroom 

A large, spacious bathroom with space for everything is not always what you have, unfortunately. Therefore, finding a way to save and optimize the square meters that you have is a priority.  Some allies in these cases are the folding doors that, when closed, take up almost no space. In this way, the meters that would have to be available for a swing door could be used more productively. 

Folding doors for the closet 

In the same order of ideas, a folding door is ideal for use in closets and dressing rooms. Those with slits ventilate your clothes, making these doors a true wonder for these spaces. 

Conclusion: perks of folding doors 

Do you dare to put folding doors in your home? At Emuca we create those solutions that you need so much, offering different options for each occasion. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs.  At the time of purchase, Emuca has all the hardware necessary for its installation. We provide you with high-quality and durable materials, which guarantees that they will remain in perfect condition over the years. We invite you to visit our digital catalog and discover all the options we have for you. 

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