Trendy handles for home furniture design

Emuca Handles

Our handles range reflects market trends. With their unmistakable vintage or modern look, they create unique ambiances in the kitchen, bathroom or any room in the house.

Vintage handles

Emuca vintage handles are made in zamak, and are a great option for rustic, classic or colonial-style furniture. Models come in gold, titanium or black finishes and are a growing trend because they make for the design of more sophisticated and luxurious spaces.

Among this new range of handles are the golden and old gold (55) finishes for the Doha and Mombasa handles or the Adana knob, as well as a bronze (08) finish for Tangier and Luanda knobs.

Among the dark finish range is the painted black (14) finish available for the Lagos and Accra handles used for library-type furniture. And as a novelty, a highlight is the sated titanium (57) finish for the Damasco knob, and the dark grey (56) finish for the Beirut knob, which is also available in painted black (14).

We offer both finishes for the Casablanca painted black (14) and old gold (55) handles and for the Varadero titanium (52) and old gold (55) knobs.

The contrast created between these vintage handles and white or black cupboard and drawers is very elegant. Adding another element in the same material, such as faucets or lamps, will contribute to balancing the decoration and creating a striking luxurious focus.

Modern handles

Modern handles are noted for their new finishes in zamak, featuring elongated models with straight lines. There is also the option of two types of handles, one for the upper part and a different one for the lower part.

Also available is a selection of new handles in silver finishes such as the chrome-finish (11) knob for the Syracuse holder, the glossy nickel (51) finish for the Kansas holder or the matt chromed (64) finish for the Veracruz knob fitted in the furniture.

We offer several finishes for knobs such as the Springfield knob in chrome (11) or glossy nickel (15). The Burton knob is also available in glossy nickel (51) finish and the Portland knob in chrome (11), painted black (14) and matt chrome (64) finishes. The Idaho knob, a recessed knob fitted in the furniture in a painted black (14) or glossy nickel (51) finish also stands out.

Following in the dark finishes trend is the painted black (14) finish available in the Miami and Cleveland handles, or in the Panama knob. As a novelty we highlight the titanium (52) finish for the Baltimore knob, also available in chrome (11) finish. Lastly, the Osaka knob made in aluminium is designed in a dark grey (56) finish.

All models come with a metric screw thread and the M4 screws necessary for its assembly. They are packaged individually to avoid knocks and scratches.

At Emuca we offer you a wide range of handles.  Are you looking to design unique furniture that reflects your personality? For that purpose, the choice of small details, such as the vintage handles for the furniture, will help you to achieve the ambience you are looking for. Contact us!

Discover our knob catalogue for furniture:

Emuca Handles

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