Hardware for furniture assembly

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Discover the latest additions of hardware for furniture assembly that we have incorporated in Emuca for the creation of your designs.

Simply concealed wooden shelf support

The Simply concealed wooden shelf bracket is ideal for mounting shelves in cabinets, bookcases or shelves with exposed shelves. This aesthetic and functional solution achieves shelves with brackets completely hidden in the furniture.

It is assembled embedded in the shelf, with a thickness of 12 mm or more. To do so, it requires a Ø8×45 mm pre-drilling in the shelf.

It has a steel pin that is inserted into the side of the cabinet and is adjusted by means of an Allen key nº4, accessible through a Ø5 mm hole in the shelf. It is also suitable for Ø3 or Ø5 mm racks, depending on the model.

Other mounting hardware

  • Kit of eccentric Ø35, bolt, nut and cover. We incorporate a new kit valid for board thicknesses of 20 mm, consisting of a 35 mm diameter eccentric, nut and M8 metric thread bolt, with a decorative cover that locks the eccentric preventing it from loosening.
  • Lots of Allen screws. We add a lot of 500 Allen screws Ø 7 mm and L 50 mm, and another lot of 500 Allen screws Ø 5 mm and L 50 mm, both in zinc plated finish.
  • Batches of union brackets. We have new batches of 50 units of 90º right angle brackets in three different models.
  • Adhesive dust cover strip. It is supplied in rolls of 10 meters and is available in three different heights depending on the gap you have.
  • The Spiral coupling and the Ø35 bed coupling have been improved and designed to make strong connections of great stability and safety.

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