Discover the latest in kitchen furniture fittings

We have a lot to offer, and that is why we want to show you the latest in kitchen furniture accessories.

New products to keep your kitchen organised:

Discover the new Supra kitchen accessories, designed to organise your space and improve storage, with new cup holders, bottle holders and interior dividers.

Their chromed steel wire design fits any kitchen style and combines with the rest of the Supra family of accessories in our catalogue. In addition, they stand out for their easy installation by means of the screws included.

The bottle holder has space for 2 bottles, ideal for installing inside furniture, under the shelves or counters in your home, kitchen, bar or restaurant.

Similarly, the bottle holder has 4 racks suitable for all types of glasses.

We also include a set of 4 dividers, which allow you to organise cupboards and drawers in different ways and improve the storage of pans, trays, lids or household accessories.

A practical dish organiser, ideal for transporting or storing in cupboards and drawers. With this dish rack you can organise the dishes in your kitchen vertically and keep them always at hand, preventing them from breaking or scratching.

Thanks to its anthracite grey design in high quality plastic, it allows you to store 13 dishes, or more if you combine several racks.

Using white on furniture brings more light to the room and is a timeless success, which is why we have incorporated our white painted extendible towel rail.

In this way you can combine your white furniture with this practical and functional towel rail that is always accessible, since it can be pulled from the furniture.

It can also be installed anywhere because of its small size and its easy assembly; it is simply screwed on top or on the side of the unit.

We have extended the range of aluminium joining angles for Gola profiles, with the stainless anodized and anthracite grey lacquered finish. This way you can combine the kitchen units with Gola profiles, both the upper and the central profile, with the same colour.

They are very easy to assemble, as they can be cut straight, without the need to make mitre joints, and they are fixed to the profile with two assembled screws.

We have incorporated a new door hinge to the X91 range, a straight version that opens at 165º and can be snapped on with a Ø10 dowel. It features soft close, clip mounting with the supplement and three-dimensional adjustment.

We also offer a new cover plate to hide the cup screws, compatible with other furniture hinges X91 with Ø35 cups except 165º.

Also, the cover plate for the hinge arm is replaced by a new model, compatible with door hinges X91, X95 and C91.

Moving your home’s furniture becomes much easier with our new sets of castors, the models Mak and Slip 2. Each set contains four wheels, two with brakes and two without. The screws needed for assembly are included for the wheels with plate.