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Emuca APP is an application that offers you all the information about our products,available at your fingertips.

It includes sections that will undoubtedly help you with your work: There is a gallery of videos that you can view online or save in your library, a search engine for assembly instructions, a barcode reader in order to quickly access all the product information and an Augmented Reality reader that you can use to interact with our lighting catalogue.

Download it and enjoy all the benefits offered by our APP!


Main menu
1. Video gallery.
2. Instructions browser.
3. Code reader.
4. Lighting augmented reality.
5. Product search.


Video gallery

You will have all the Emuca videos available on your mobile. You can watch them online or download them directly in order to access them without the need for an internet connection.

Instructions browser

You can search for the assembly instructions in our product catalogue by reference or carry out an assisted search by the family, category or product itself and download them in pdf format on your mobile in order to access them at any time.

Code reader

Scan the bar code on Emuca packaging and quickly access all the information about the product. Also, with the QR codes you can have direct links to the product videos.

Augmented reality

Interact with our lighting catalogue and discover how the pages come to life.

Product search

 You can also search directly on our website using a key word, reference...